Strength in Numbers

Complicated accounting requires specialized expertise. NPFM outsourced financial management combines Strength in Numbers at all levels of expertise, making them accessible to small and medium-sized nonprofits.

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Our Mission

Our clients are in the business of helping people – from environmental services and social justice work to legal services and community organizing. We are an integral component of the work, allowing our clients to achieve their respective missions. This collective partnership forms the basis of NPFM's mission.


NPFM offers a complete solution for all of your organization’s accounting needs.

Building and sustaining a successful nonprofit organization requires more than just a compelling mission, visionary leaders, and a skilled development department. Cash flow, complicated accounting, funding source requirements, and limited resources are just some of the obstacles that can prevent small- to mid-sized nonprofits from realizing their full potential. To overcome these challenges, it helps to find a partner who offers specialized accounting expertise, administrative support, and proven strategies for achieving long-term growth and financial stability.

What We Do

We work with nonprofit organizations that enrich and support communities nationwide.

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Building and sustaining a successful nonprofit organization

Every nonprofit has a unique blend of operating income sources and constraints, including other challenges such as cashflow, complicated accounting, funding source requirements, and limited resources. The following case studies illustrate some of the ways that NPFM has worked with clients to do just that.

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NPFM can close the financial expertise gap often found in nonprofits. We deliver more than just accounting services; we provide complete financial management. This unique solution gives you access to all the levels of accounting services your organization needs from CFO-level strategic guidance to basic transactional processing.

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